The Subject of an Object

Flyer: Goethe-Institut / a certain object Subject | Object Formation a certain object is a multifaceted collaboration between Alfons Knogl, Holger Otten, and occasionally Daniel Ansorge, each having a strong artistic presence in various mediums Otten and Ansorge came together in 2015 for Perspektive 02, the second in a series of exhibitions curated by Otten … Continue reading

The Gloved Era of Urban Chaos

Paris may have been the capital of 19th century modernity, but it was Berlin that gave birth to the gloved era of urban chaos. Unlike Paris, London, or even New York, Berlin at the turn of the 20th century was not just about the radical transformation of the city, but the birth of the city … Continue reading

Bad Architecture

Even Berlin is unsafe from terrible architecture. On our right we have what I guess is a late 90’s prefabricated neo-classical [parody]. Although the airy, glass structure on the left lessons the effect in the actual photograph, it’s hard to ignore just how ugly the yellow stone and faux columns on that squat building truly … Continue reading

Collaborative Fame

Collaborations between artists are infamous for their subsequent falling outs. They rise out of respect and experimentation as well as jealousy and social recognition. Age figures prominently in collaborations, the classic example being an aging, established (but creatively-blocked artist) who seeks the coming-of-age talent in the midst of their insatiable creative virility. In short, a … Continue reading