The Graham Avenue Dream Cruise

Although Google map offers me all kinds of bike friendly routes, I inevitably chose to transect East Brooklyn via Graham Avenue. To a spatial illiterate like myself, Graham Avenue is a no brainer, a straight shot, a grid among the chaos of one-ways and dead ends. However, as I biked back from Greenpoint last night, … Continue reading

Bad Architecture

Southfield, Michigan. Housing conveniently located next to a strip mall, but not necessarily slanted toward the strip mall in reality.

Detroit: Is that you, friend? [Part III, Dequindre Cut]

Since NYC Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan has come into office, more than 200 miles of bike lanes have been installed (, a particularly daunting task considering the city’s density and street congestion. Detroit on the other hand has miles of open space for pedestrian-friendly walkways and bike lanes. But Detroit is the Motor City, and … Continue reading

Detroit: Is that you, friend? [Part II, Heidelberg Project]

If Detroit has any tourist destinations, Heidelberg is one. What began as an attempt to address the socio-geographic reality of Detroit through artistic means has since become a cultural commodity. In 1986 Tyree Guyton chose to comment on the ever increasing racial segregation, abandonment, and poverty that characterized his street (Heidelberg) for over 18 years. … Continue reading

Detroit: Is that you, friend? [Part I, Overview]

There’s an inherent correlation between psychology and geography, Detroit is such an example. The city’s landscape reflects the failure of American idealism–both physically and socially. Today, one third of the city, or more than 4,000 buildings lie derelict and abandoned (Shrinking Cities). With the exception of megastructures like the Darth Vadoresque Renaissance Center, buildings are … Continue reading

Bad Architecture

New condo developments in suburban Detroit that promote “urban loft living.”

Aesthetic Selection

“There’s something soothing about seeing an even expanse of green grass that just seems to lower our blood-pressure a bit.” -American Lawns A weed is not the same thing as an invasive species. In 1999, former president Clinton signed Executive Order 13112 officiating the definition as “an alien species whose introduction does or is likely … Continue reading