Work Means Liberity!

Reading Mark Kingwell’s essay, “The Language of Work,” in last month’s Harper’s Magazine is an opportunity to break from the complexities of our current global crisis and return to a more simple argument. The purpose of his essay is to get at the essence of work, what it is, and why we should resist it. … Continue reading

Guy Debord is a Phony!

I don’t really think Debord is a phony, but I almost did. I was first drawn to Debord’s Society of the Spectacle, a collection of 221 pessimistic vignettes addressing society’s prioritization of life as an image to be watched as opposed to lived, and soon became interested in his playful ideas about the unconscious and … Continue reading

The uncanny and the sea of rememberance

Although as old as cities themselves, the hazy, dream-like urban explorations of tormented young men were best popularized by Charles Baudelaire.