Intentional String Theory (aesthetic with no inside)

Can aesthetic reveal truths? Or is it that when we find truth (an instinctual, fleeting feeling of certain ‘rightness’) we also find aesthetic? I think both are possible, but, at this moment, I feel the urge to state that aesthetic can never be intentional. When we create for aesthetic and aesthetic only, it disappears. It … Continue reading

Material Proximity

Where does sculpture end and geography begin? That was the unshakable question that developed in my head during a recent trip to the Noguchi Museum in Queens. A few days prior, I’d been reading Derek Gregory’s Ideology, Science and Human Geography chapter “Structural explanation in geography,” a discussion of Maus and Levi-Strauss’s elementary methods of … Continue reading

Oh Modernism, how I want to sit in your abstraction

  Display of Rietveld chairs at the Centraal Museum, Utrecht. Being a huge fan of incline planes, I naturally gravitate toward the great Dutch designers. Some highlights are posted below. From front to back: Auke Komter, Armchair 1935 J.J. R. Oud, Armchair, 1933